Is ChainLink ready to Breakout?

John Barry | Mon Jun 08 2020


The ChainLink price pattern is looking very strong.   Since Bitcoin had its quick 1-hour price surge on Sunday, (which shows as the big red candlestick in the chart below) the $LINK chart looks great.   The Trend Mean score is currently 76%, recently going bullish.  It is now trading above its baseline.  The volume as also increased for the past 3 candlesticks

1 Hours LINK/BTC chart from TradingView


I always like seeing a slow steady increase for the 12 - 48 hour time period, which $LINK currently has.   Additionally, multiple MACD indicators are bullish.  MACD is one of my favorite confirmation metrics.   Also, $LINK price is above 3 Bollinger Bands, showing the potential for a breakout 



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