The May 2020 Monthly Report

John Barry | Mon Jun 01 2020

While most eyes were on the Bitcoin Halving event, other cryptocurrencies had a really strong May.    I see many comments in Crypto Twitter proclaiming the Alt Season is here, the data seems to be pointing that way.

Monthly Winners and Losers - Quantify Crypto


Leading the way was Zilliqa up 170% in May as it launched a social media pay campaign to raise brand awareness. 

OmiseGo up 119% in May as it got listed on CoinBase.   Historically many other cryptocurrencies have had similar positive results when listing on CoinBase.

Enjin up 51% in May, much of the increase occurred after May 27th when it announced its “EnjinCraft Plugin for Minecraft”.

Cardano up 50% in May as Charles Hoskinson tweeted about product development and a timeline for the Cardano Mainnet / Shelley Code Release, with a target date of June 30th.

Getting back to Bitcoin is had a positive May going up 6 %.   However, that is a small part of the story.   On May 7th it reached a price of $10,080 four days before it Halving event.   This was its highest price since hitting its lowest price of the year below 4,000 on March 12.  

Most crypto continues to have a positive trend heading into June, so another month is off to a positive start.



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